Irish Unity

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Since Partition the struggle has been about a united Ireland and there is now a greater opportunity to achieve this goal than ever before. This is evidenced by the Good Friday and St Andrews Agreements, by greater co-operation on issues, by the argument for an all-Ireland economy, an all-Ireland energy strategy and all-Ireland Health co-operaton along with a range of other needs.

Sinn Féin has established a Task Force on Irish Unity to update our strategy on the reunification of the island. We will be marking the 90th Anniversary of the First Dáil on 21 January and in the upcoming period we will be seeking to engage with as wide a range of opinion as possible.

We need a national conversation about the type of society that best suits the Irish people. From Sinn Féin’s viewpoint that’s a united Irish society. We are looking at ways of encouraging a national conversation on that theme both here at home and throughout the Diaspora.

The Taskforce on Irish Unity was established to drive forward the united Ireland agenda. There is now a peaceful and democratic path to a United Ireland and republicans have a strategy in place to bring this about. It is the job of the taskforce to carry forward this work. Given its importance, the work of the taskforce and the implementation of its roadmap need to be headed up by senior party figures. Pat Doherty and Rita O’Hare will play a leading role in this work.

Download a PDF of the Green Paper for Irish Unity.